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Bella, the beagle, has been coming to Princeps de Casa for more than two years now and she really enjoys our DIY grooming facility.  She comes every two weeks with her owner, Craig.

“I was a bit nervous, at first.” Said Bella (well, that´s what it sounded like to us!) “However, I soon got used to the bath, the shower and the high-powered professional dryer. 

“We are never rushed and my owner always has the time to make me look, and smell, lovely.  I really look forward to my visits to the DIY grooming room at Princeps.”

Her owner, Craig, added: “It is so much easier for us to wash Bella in the DIY grooming room because we are not making a massive mess at home. The wet-room is ideal for this and Bella certainly seems to enjoy being washed here, much more so than at home. The added bonus is my wife now no longer worries about the state of our bathroom!

bela after her spa experience

The Princeps de Casa DIY grooming rooms offer a safe, quiet and comfortable area to give your pet a bit of a spa experience. To use the facility, simply book online, call or visit the shop.  You can even use the link below to click and send a whatsapp.

Apart from remembering to bring your dog, you will need a towel and shampoo, but don´t worry if you forget them.  We have plenty of fantastic Princeps de Casa shampoos to choose from and each comes with a 20% discount if bought when you check into the DIY grooming rooms.

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