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If you are stuck at home and your pets are getting bored, don’t fret because we have a range of LICKIMATS in our pet shop in Barcelona.  It’s a fun alternative to slow down and aid healthy eating. They are available in various colors and formats.
REDUCE Boredom, Anxiety and Destructive Behavior: Calm your pet while enjoying its favourite treat. LickiMat is designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm behavior for your pet during stressful times. Remember to monitor your pets during use.
RECOMMENDED FOR DOGS AND CATS: The LickiMat slow feeders are perfect for both dogs and cats.
SERVING HEALTHY TREATS: The LickiMat Slow Slow-feeders are non-toxic and are designed for your pet’s favorite food or treat. Take care of your happy pet while licking (dog friendly) peanut butter, yogurt or, for example, meat paste
    LIGHTER AND HEALTHY FOOD: The Mats help pets to lick more slowly, encouraging a more leisurely diet, which reduces inflammation and improves digestion.

If you pet has problems because they eat too fast, this is a great way of gettting them to ‘enjoy’ their food a little more slowly. They are also perfect as a means to keep your pet occupied if you leave the house.

Check out this video to see how they can be used.

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