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On Thursday, Rafa and Thor came to the shop to help Mireia with the draw. He picked the winning numbers for the June, Princeps de Casa, draw and, in what will be a surprise to everybody, he didn´t pull his own number out of the box!

This means that you could have the winning number. So, check now to see if you are one of our lucky winners. Got the winning number? Call into the shop and collect your voucher. 

1st. 90 Pink 20€

2nd. 171 Pink 10€

3rd. 487 Blue 5€

If you didn’t win this time, good luck this month and remember, everytime you visit the shop we will give you a number to enter in the draw. You can watch the video of the draw below.

On a sad note, last week, we said goodbye to a dear friend of not just the shop, but the neighbourhood. Josep Carreras Coll died following a short battle with cancer.  He was my friend, he will be sorely missed and rightly so.  Rest in peace Joe, knowing you and having you as a friend made me a much richer person.

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