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We are the ones who take responsibility for choosing to feed our pet throughout its life and, with it, the consequences it will have on the health and well-being of our best friend. We know that diet plays a fundamental role in the life of the animal and that it is essential to provide it with quality food so that it feels good and looks good. We looked at products available in the market and, observing the price differences between supermarket food and that of specialised brands. Is there a big difference, does the pet notice?

Although we can rest easy because there is a regulation on food health, it is not enough to feed our pet with feed that satisfies it and provides it with basic nutrients. For this reason, veterinarians often warn us that choosing a bad food can be very harmful for our pet, since it can shorten its life or cause serious health problems, especially its liver and kidneys. And it is not strange to find cats affected by crystals in the urine caused by feed formulated with too many minerals, or dogs with food allergies or intolerances, which fail to assimilate the nutrients of a feed that contains too many carbohydrates.

Vets are unanimous in recommending that we choose a quality product, and that it be adapted to the characteristics of the animal, to guarantee a good diet and, with it, a good life. Although they are somewhat more expensive than private label products, we should consider it an investment in the health and happiness of our best friend, and in keeping him as far away as possible from many diseases, and the worries and medical expenses that come with .

It is therefore essential to choose a product that contains all the necessary nutrients and that is made with a balanced formulation and quality ingredients that are highly digestive and appetising. A quality diet will lead to better digestion and better use of nutrients. In short, it will provide your pet with better health.

When we ask ourselves about the price differences, we must bear in mind that nobody gives anything away. Many manufacturers include poor quality protein and fat to save costs, although we cannot read this information on the product label. And a protein from fresh meat is not the same as a protein from animal by-products, containing beaks and feathers.

In fact, the differences in animals that go from being fed with super feeds to being fed with recognised brand feeds are visible: it is noticeable in the improvement of the coat, the skin and in greater activity. What should we look for to choose a good pet food? The quality of its ingredients and its formulation are the key. A good trick to know that a product is of quality is to observe how the ingredients are detailed on the package. Products that offer detailed formulation information are often the best, and the most reliable.

Proteins must be abundant, since cats and dogs are carnivorous animals. It must contain between 20% and 30% of the total, and these must be of quality, as they are essential for developing and maintaining your muscles, bone system, skin and hair.

In fats, it is recommended that they contain Omega 6 and, especially, Omega 3.

The minerals and carbohydrates must be very controlled, and not appear in large proportions. Although they are the components that can cause more health problems for our pets, they tend to abound in the cheapest feed because they are very cheap.

What feed do we recommend for our pets?

Foods from recognised brands guarantee that we are giving our pet a good product, since these brands must prove the quality of their ingredients. In the case of holistic feed, they must even demonstrate that their ingredients are fresh, organic and environmentally friendly.

The most recommended foods are natural or industrial feed from recognised brands, which clearly detail their ingredients. To get your pet’s food right, in Princeps de Casa you will find a wide range of the best dog and cat food.


In short, do not save your best friend health and vitality by feeding him cheap feed. In the long run, this decision can be very expensive. If you have any questions about our products, remember that Princeps de Casa is always by your side with very personalised customer service. You can contact us by Phone or click the icon below to send a Whatsapp.

Lopez before and twelve months after being part of the team at Princeps de Casa. How good does he look now with a decent diet? Guapo.
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