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Spring is coming and with it comes heat, but also rainy days, which is the perfect time for parasites to prosper and with that your dogs can get fleas, paparas, lice, sand flies, etc.

That is why now is the best time to approach Prínceps de Casa and find out about all these parasites and many more since we have Mireia who is a veterinary assistant and can explain what each one consists of specifically.


antiparasitos bareclona mascotas

You can take advantage of  an offer that we have been running successfully  now for 6 years. We have the collars and pipettes at a great price which you will not be able to resist, the prices can be found by calling the shop or visiting. We will also have them available in our online shop very soon.

Specifically, for dogs we have an offer for the Quadrivalent vaccine that vaccine + visit would cost 36€ and we are offering it with rabies for only 46€.

We haven’t forgotten about cats though,  we have Trivalent on offer at 36€, and the leukemia vaccine at 46€. 

Do get in touch if you would like to know more.

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