Some pet shops in the area are experiencing difficulty with their supply of Belcando and Leonardo dog food – we are not.  We´ve got the full range of Belcando and Leonardo wet and dry food, so don´t worry if you are struggling to find it.

If you don´t live too close to Princeps de Casa, we offer a home delivery service for a charge of just 3,95€ or it´s free when you spend over 45€

Belcando and Leonard are of the finest quality and enjoyed by many pets.  Lopez is a great  brand guardian, and turns his nose up at anything else – he can´t get enough and particularly likes the Lamb – as you can see in the picture, he´s licking his lips in anticipation!  If you have known Lopez for the past 16 months you will see the change in him.  He is a calmer dog; has put on a much needed 11Kg and his fur is beautiful.  He is in top health and is a happy dog.  Diet is so important.

If you aren´t feeding your dog with Belcando or your Leonardo is not your cat food, drop by the shop and pick up some free samples and the product literature.

If you are currently feeding your dog or cat with Belcando or Leonardo dog and cat food then don´t worry if you are struggling to buy it.  It can be stressful for your pet changing food type – we won´t let you down.

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