We are now open 24/7/365.  We have got some, but not all, of our products available to buy online for click ‘n’ collect, or home delivery.  Over the coming weeks we will be adding more and more items for you to buy.  Home delivery in the neighbourhood is free on orders over 45€ and mostly will happen same-day (yeah, beat that Bezos).

If you live a little further away from the shop, don’t worry because we have reasonable delivery charges too, unless you are buying a 15Kg bag of dog food and then, it’s going to cost you the same as us to send it.  We will though, tell you the prices to send before you go through the checkout process.

We really hope that this service helps, not just the people in our neighbourhood who can’t get to the shop but want to support the local community, but everyone who loves their pet.

And, finally… How’s this for an offer.  If you spot an error on the site with translation or something just doesn’t make sense,  if we agree with you and change to your text, we will send you a 5€ voucher to spend on your next order.

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